Buy A Wusthof and Love It!

While hefting a cook’s knife with a 10-inch blade can take a bit of practice, I recommend this size for everyone except those who have small hands. I started collecting Wusthof Trident Classic knives for home use twenty years ago, and this 10-inch Cook’s Knife was my first purchase from this excellent line. I like the look and feel of traditional, triple-riveted, full tang high-carbon steel cutlery, which is why I have chosen the Classic line. (A comparable line would be J.A. Henckels Pro-S.) I use a honing steel on it often, and sharpen it myself with a Chef’s Choice 3-Stage Diamond Hone Professional Sharpener. Also, I have always hand-washed and dried it. After lots of use, it still holds a keen edge.

wusthof knives

I am NOT a fan of buying sets of knives. Many times one our two knives are worthwhile while the remainder are just to be tolerated. Buying one knife at a time might be more expensive in the long run, but you will ALWAYS get exactly what you want. That said, I’ve owned Wusthof knives longer than I’ve been in the culinary business, and that’s a long while.

These are knives you buy once and only replace if stolen or lost. You take care of them, they’ll take care of you. By that I mean:
– Don’t cut on glass,
– Always sash by hand,
– Take it to a steel before each use,
– Sharpen by hand,
– And, NEVER, ever loan it out. (Nobody will take care of your knives better than you.)

Wusthof Classics are classics. I’ve had some for more than 30 years and they are the ONLY knives I give out as presents. By CJs Pirate